Friday, March 17, 2006

I (Heart) Kristen

I really wasn’t planning to write anything today because with a name like McGavin, St. Patrick’s Day is basically a national holiday, add to that it coincides with the NCAA tournaments makes it a double whammy. Not to mention my boys over at Kent State play tonight. But I just had to share something.

My birthday is coming up in the near future so it’s about that time I start receiving birthday cards and I got one that looked very much like one except it was post-marked from San Diego. Now my mother has a cousin who lives in the city but he has never sent me anything before and I’ve only met the guy about three times in my life. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and this was written inside the card:

I (Heart) Kristen Bell

Okay, this was uber-cool and totally unexpected. That the star and namesake would take time out of television show to write a thank you letter apologizing that she couldn’t spend more time with us, even though it wasn’t her fault and was summoned away by the director, just makes me (heart) her even more. Now if only her character would hook up with Dick, that would rule.

And one more thing, GO Golden Flashes! Um, nevermind that last part.

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