Saturday, May 13, 2006

America's Next Top Model Press Release

One more episode to America's Next Top Model left (check back tomorrow for my prediction) and here is a press release about the latest castoff as well as a picture courtesy of UPN:


Sara, a student from Davis, Calif., became the tenth girl eliminated from the sixth cycle of UPN's hit series AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, reducing the pool from four girls to the final three.

Following a lesson on Thai customs from designer Pichita Rucksajit, the girls embarked on individual go-see opportunities where they met with renowned Thai designers who judged their knowledge of Thai customs and modeling skills. Sara felt confident in her awareness of Thai customs, but the pressure of the go-see opportunity caused her to tense up, allowing her nerves to outshine her potential as a model.

The next day the girls set off for Phuket where they posed in OP Swimwear amongst the wind and waves for an Amp'd Mobile advertisement photographed by Nigel Barker. Once again, Sara appeared tense in front of the camera and had difficulty connecting her facial expressions with her sultry poses. "Good models have to be comfortable with themselves," Nigel said eluding to Sara's awkwardness.

Back in Bangkok, the judges viewed photographs from each of the go-see opportunities. While all of the girls exhibited grounds for improvement, Sara's photos appeared amateur and didn't stand out amongst the group. "The judges look at you as the most improved girl here," Tyra said to Sara. "But the judges are now saying 'has she improved enough?'" Thus, Sara was eliminated from the running to become AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.

The winner of UPN's AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL will have the opportunity to be managed by Ford Models. She will also receive a $100,000 contract with cosmetics giant CoverGirl. The winner will additionally appear in a fashion spread in Elle magazine.
The sixth installment of UPN's hit dramality series AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL follows 13 young women as they attempt to prove they have what it takes to make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modeling. Banks, who created the show, also serves as executive producer along with Ken Mok ("Making the Band") and Anthony Dominici ("The Amazing Race").
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL airs Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN. For more information about AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, log on to

Sara from America's Next Top Model

Friday, May 12, 2006

Neptune High Graduation 8

Keith and Veronica Mars at graduation

A couple happy father daughter moments from the Veronica Mars finale courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros. Of course these pictures were taken before Keith stood up Ronnie and the airport so who knows how good their relation is right now. And hopefully everyone is ignoring those nasty 7th Heaven rumors that are floating around the net. Just keep in mind a wise man said, "CW? It's a done deal."

Keith and Veronica Mars in happier times

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Neptune High Graduation 7

Happy Veronica Mars

Not quite a pony stuffed into the envelope. Personally I was hoping for an invitation to the CW schedule. Since I have an over abundance of graduation pictures below is another one of Wallace. Both pictures courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.

Wallace at graduation

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Preview of Thursday's Toss Up

The official Toss Up is now up on the 9th Green - Toss Up: Lost vs Veronica Mars week 16.

First off I want to point out that even though I was way off on who crashed the bus, I totally called Jackie with child, Weevil being picked up at graduation, Veronica getting Le Clap from someone who raped her at the infamous Shelly Pomroy party, and Aaron Echolls getting killed. Granted I did pull back on the last one after suggesting there would be a “Who Killed Aaron” mystery next season with it being revealed that a not so dead Lynn Echolls did it. Then I realized that no one would care who killed Aaron because everyone would just be happy he was gone. But the writers were smart enough to solve that dilemma by going ahead and telling us who did it right away, leaving no mystery.

And speaking of Aaron’s death, Duncan and Clarence’s exchange, “CW?” “It’s a done deal” has to be an admission that Veronica Mars will be on the CW schedule next season, right? Rob Thomas isn’t going to put that that line in if it wasn’t, in fact, a done deal or if the powers that be at the network gave him the go ahead, would he? Even though I haven’t believed any of the speculation or supposed insider information, thanks to that line, my hopes are official raised for a third season. The only potential problem though is that the line was a blatantly stolen from Arrested Development’s (I actually discussed with Rob how great the show was and he also admitted that Big Dick’s shredding exit scene was an homage to that show) “It’s Showtime” line and see how that turned out.

Then of course there was the whole bus crash thing and it looks like sales of “I (Heart) Beaver” t-shirts will be on the decline. But then again Duke lacrosse gear went through the roof lately. (If you want yours, check out Ducky’s site.) I’m still not entirely sold that the Beav would kill a bus load of innocent people just to get two people. Then I totally missed how Veronica jumped from seeing Beaver’s name not pictured to figuring out he was a murderer. Then why after all these years living with it, why kill Mayor Goodwood? And why after finding a bomb under his car would Woody not sweep everything in his hangar too? But anyways.

On the subject of Mayor Goodwood, how great is it that he watches Dukes of Hazzard? If that’s the last television show I see before I die, at least I’ll die a happy man. And the throwing of the moose head was classic; that would be something Officer Mahoney would do as a last line of defense.

Then we had yet another dream sequence in what may of happened had Lily not been murdered thus daddy’s still sheriff, mommy’s still around and sober, and Lily is still a dirty, dirty slut. One thing I missed though is that I never realized that Lily was older than everyone. For all this time I thought she was Duncan’s little sister yet at the same time the same age as Veronica. Oh well. I was disappointed that Logan turned out to be her dream boyfriend. But at least Dick made the cut in her dream. And what does it say about Ronnie that she had him going commando in her dream. And the best part of the episode is when Dick slapped Vee’s butt after graduation. Seriously how long until she gets a little Dick in her life?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

CW? It's a done deal

I really hope the writers of Veronica Mars know something we don't know. Love the shades of Arrested Development in that line (except for the whole not actually making onto Showtime). Perfect. (If you haven't seen the episode yet, I won't spoil you to what that mean, but be sure to watch out for that exchange.)

Even though my Toss Up with be on the 9th Green on Thursday, I may have a very special preview of the Veronica Mars part of the Toss Up posted here tomorrow. One more graduation picture of the returing Wallace's mom courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.:

Wallace's Mom

Neptune High Graduation 6

Veronica Mars at graduation

It's graduation day tonight on the season finale of Veronica Mars and Veronica looks like she's happy about that. One person who looks surprisingly happy is Dick who, thanks to Mr Wu, is sans cap and gown. Seriously, who shows up to a graduation they or are family member isn't participating in? But you gotta love the "Trust Me, I'm Rich" shirt. Dick should open his own apparel store. Both pictures courtesy of UPN/Warner Bros.

Dick and Beaver at graduation

Monday, May 08, 2006

Neptune High Graduation 5

Mac at Neptune's graduation

Here is a picture of Mac in her cap and gown.