Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner Redux

Evil Beaver at Mayor Goodwood's, this can't be good

Last night was the repeat of the babysitting episode and the most interesting cap from last night was how happy Evil Beaver looked by crashing Mayor Goodwood's house. Maybe it had a little something to do with the liquid, the courage, the liquid courage in Dick's hand.

Ronnie's picture

But there were a couple other interesting scenes last night that I wonder will be dealt with later. First there was the above drawing and I wonder if we will be seeing the J offering, babysitter hitting on dad in one of the three arc for season three.

So what's up with Lamb's dad

Another scene that always peaks my interest was the ending scene with Sheriff Lamb where he said something to the effect of "Funny, my dad said the exact same thing" when Mr. Manning said he was the victim . I wrote after that episode aired that this was when Lamb got interesting. Unfortunately, that was never brought up again and only briefly mentioned when Lamb said he should have never let Ronnie and Duncan go after Duncan took off with his baby.

Oh, yeah, and Lamb's squeeze, Madison Sinclair showed up in a bikini (her "My Dick" line here is one of the funniest in the shows' run). Although I never realized she was all tatted up, that kind of a turn off for me. Plus another classic Dick shirt.

Wait, Madison has a tatoo?
Dick's going commando again

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