Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ahoy Mateys! Redux

No Beaver last night (and sadly, no Dick either) but there was plenty of forshadowing last night with Marcos and his secret on the fence antics. Granted knowing now what I knew then, it's a little creepy that Mayor Goodwood could turn all the boys if not a little gay with the fully gay Peter and the can't get it up with conscience girls Beaver. Well here are a couple of my favorite screen shots from last night's episode:

Evil Veronica

Since the end of the season, I've talked a lot about Evil Beaver, but I totally forgot about Evil Veronica. Oddly, much like Evil Lana on Smallville, I find Evil Veronica somewhat more attractive than her real counterpart.

Emmy Nod

Hopefully with the Emmy nominations tomorrow, they saw this scene, because this one, along with numerous other scenes, should warrant Kristen Bell a nod.


Maybe not an Emmy worthy scene, but the look these too gave when Clemmons opened his door in a bathrobe was priceless. One of my favorite scenes from last season. Could have only been improved had Dick been walking by and said "shocker" when he opened the door.

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