Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nevermind the Buttocks Redux


Now Evil Beaver this week and basically this episode was just one big red-herring as they try to make the Not-Kendall and the Fitzpatrick clan as the culprits. What struck me about this picture was how 80's Not-Kendall's photo is yet the two beside her look like the were taken last week.

Bambi's Dead

I'm sure I've mentioned this story before, but when I was touring the set of Veronica Mars we came across this deer cross and prompted me to say "I have a feeling Dick was involved." I turned out to wrong, but at least a gave Rob Thomas a chuckle.

Who was the anonymous e-mailer

When I watched this episode again it made me wonder who exactly the anonymous IM'er is. I'm sure if Ronnie really wanted to know, she could find out because all she has to do is trace the Paypal account, but it still makes me wonder. Molly Fitzpatrick maybe?

The Fall Guys

One of the coolest scenes in terms of production value. Who knew Keith was such a badass?

Mac and Butters

But the best part of this episode was the start of the Mac/Butters relationship. I didn't really like Butters when he first arrived, but I came around when Vee and Mac interrupted his radio show, but this was the episode that put him over the top. I can't wait until the alterna-prom.

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