Thursday, August 10, 2006

Plan B Redux

Evil Beaver 1

Evil Beaver 2

We final get are first true glimpse of Evil Beaver this week as he first gives Mac the hurt puppy dog look after she al but spread her legs in front of him. Then he gives her one of the most hurtful kiss-offs ever with his "Have fun trying to get laid" comment.

Mayor Goodwood and Logan

And maybe not so coincidentally we also get our first overtly gay vibe from Mayor Goodwood when he not so slyly cops a feel.

Shocker or Scout's Honor

But the best part of the episode (no not the dance you annoying Logan lovers) was when Ronnie tries to flash the "Shocker" sign but ends up doing the "Scouts Honor" instead.

Now that's what I call acting

And in what could possible the funniest scene in the show's history that most likely wasn't supposed to be funny was the America's Next Top Model's "acting" skills.

Goodbye Jane

This may also be the last we see of Scooter favorite Jane. I'm not sure what it says about me that my two favorite lover interests were her for Wallace and Deputy Leo for Vee. So cue up It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday for Jane, and here's hoping she made a pact with Wallace to go to Hearst before they broke up. For those keeping track at home, she's added to the already long list of Neptune graduates that I hope end up going to Hearst that include Madison Sinclair, Gia Goodman, Hannah (or at least comes back to Neptune), and of course Shelly Pomroy.

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