Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Go Lucky Redux

Who is that with Beaver again?

Yeah, I didn't watch Veronica Mars last night on account that UPN is no more in my market, but here are my favorite caps from the episode. Okay, so I've forgot whatshisname already but this may have been the biggest hint of the season for those who remembered whatshisname from season one. Darn you Evil Beaver.

Wallace not dead

But the big new was when Lucky went all Columbine, well, except he was shooting blanks...

Lucky not so lucky

But the school's guard wasn't. Poor Not-So-Lucky.

Mac and beaver again

I could talk about how Mac and Beaver got back together here, but the "I (Heart) Pie" sign in the background makes me chuckle. I have a feeling that was meant to be dirty.

Sad Ronnie

But how heartbreaking was the last scene. Seriously how did Kristen Bell not get an Emmy nod?

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