Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Welcome Wagon Review

Scooter Note: this is a preview of the Veronica Mars portion of the weekly Toss Up with Lost that will appear on the 9th Green (see sidebar) tomorrow. Be sure to check out my sister site for the whole post tomorrow.

Then there was the return of two time Scooter Television Awards winner for Best Show, Veronica Mars. In one of the worst kept secrets of the summer, Veronica ended up at Heart College despite being accepted to Stanford. And if that was the worst kept secret, the second worst was that the first mini-season arc mystery would be that of the serial rapist Ronnie encountered last season. But before that happened, we got our first college level mystery of the week which involved Wallace’s new roommate Piz. Anyone find it odd that Piz is from Beaverton. Get it; Beaver-ton. You know; (Cassidy) “Beaver” (Casablancas)-ton. Oh, nevermind. Many great Vee moments following the mystery of the week with Ronnie speaking Spanish and futuristic languages, camping out in lawn chairs (such a college thing to do), and her anti-chick conversation with Mac.

Speaking of Mac, she also got a roommate, Parker, who quickly shot to the top of the list of contenders fore Best Cast Addition for next year’s STA’s. Her first scene with Ronnie brought back some fond memories of college (man I miss undergrad). Unfortunately it looks like we won’t get to see that Parker in future episodes of the show as she fell victim to the serial rapist. Too bad they didn’t hold the rapist storyline to the second or third arc of the season, because I would have minded see more of Perky Parker.

At least we got basically two years of classic Dick before he went on his downward spiral. And if you didn’t realized that was Dick in the Union Jack Speedo before he was unmasked then you must never seen the show. One thing I didn’t understand is why Dick had to shack up with Logan at the end? Did something happen to Casa de Killer II? But there was nothing more harsh spoken ever that his “beard” comment to Mac. I cringed ever time I watched it.

Whereas those storylines seemed written for newbies, the other storyline looked be more for the faithful with Keith chauffeuring the eldest Fitzpatrick to hidden away Not-Kendall. The ending here was more shocking than the other storyline with Kith between a rock and a hard place after it looked like Fitzpatrick took out Not-Kendall and left Keith for dead. Will Vinnie Van Lowe come to the rescue? Is Not-Kendall really dead? And most importantly, why did Keith leave his gun in the glove compartment while escorting a felon right out of jail? Here’s my harebrain theory: Not-Kendall was the one that hired Vinnie and is playing all the boys (and was wearing a bullet-proof vest) because she need something from Fitzpatrick before she reunites with her true love, Big Dick.

Up next week, Ronnie heads to sorority row. Seriously, how great is that episode going to be. Too bad Perky Parker, (presumably) won’t be in full perky mode for the festivities.

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