Friday, June 16, 2006

Deputy Sacks vs Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden

One story that I been holding off for a while, is this one involving the picture above. I was one of the people while on the set of Veronica Mars who was looking at every small detail looking for hidden things and none bigger than what I found on Deputy Sacks desk. If you look at the name on the top folder, it is Osama bin Laden (much apologies for my not so reliable camera if you are unable to read it). I actually asked creator Rob Thomas about this but unfortunately I didn’t have my recorder with me at the time because they said we could leave our stuff in Java the Hutt while we went to some other sets, but then Rob showed up while we were at the Neptune Police Station and I asked him about it around that time, so this will be paraphrased.

So while walking to the next set, which I believe was the Mars Apartment, I asked Rob, “I noticed that Sacks has a file on Osama bin Laden on his desk. Is he going to hunt him down in Iraq later this season much Arrested Development went there this past season to get Saddam Hussein?” This got a laugh out of Rob then he went on to talk about how the kids were going to guest on an upcoming episode and about Veronica Mars being bleeped out by Fox during the Arrested Development finale. For those who have read much of my talks with Rob, he tends to laugh at my questions, and then avoids them by changing the subject.

I wouldn’t have given a second thought to Rob avoiding the Iraq question, that is until, on our way between sound stages, we passed this, a whole area that looked like urban Iraq Theater of war with Arabic signs and all.

Iraq in Neptune 1

Iraq in Neptune 2

Now my mind raced with speculations that I was right about Sacks going to Iraq when Rob said the second season finale would span continents. Although now that the finale has come and gone, we know that the Middle East wasn’t one of those places. But maybe I ran across something for season three? Just remember you heard it here first when Sacks comes back with the head of Osama bin Laden.

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