Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough Redux

Winter Carnival

One of the best sand alone episodes in he series that rarely left the Winter Carnival, also known as the episode where Jackie became likeable just as her father was being charged with crashing the bus.

Jackie is a what?

And as early March when I was at the set, this graffiti was still there. But with Veronica graduating, I have a feeling it isn't around anymore. Maybe they gave it to Jackie as a gift after the season ended as a departing gift.

Trouble in paradise

We did get some into the psyche of Evil Beaver when Dick gave his big brother speech. After hear that again, I wonder if Dick was aware of the Mayor Goodwood situation.

Who's Sally

And maybe Dick and Evil Beaver made a pact that if Dick didn't spill the beans about Mayor Goodwood, Evil Beaver would keep his secret about Sally quiet. Which begs the question, who's Sally?

Madison Sinclair is back

Of course this episode saw the return of one of my favorite Neptune residents, Madison Sinclair.

Hannah the princess

But even Madison can't compare to the uber-cute Hannah. Hopefully she will come back from Vermont now that Logan graduated (but will run into Veronica a couple times).

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