Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Donut Run Redux

True Love Stories Never Have Endings

With everything going on in the episode, Donut Run was all about this closing image. I talked to Rob Thomas about the infamous numbers and he said that they had no bad luck on Veronica Mars. But I'm a little suspicious that Duncan ended up in Australia, the place where the Lost flight left.

The Line-Up

Again with everything going on in this episode, I totally forgot this line-up that may have been the funniest thing aside from Dick consoling Ronnie by telling her what Kendall would do to Duncan what she wouldn't. I (Heart) Dick.

Zena the Warrior Princess

This episode was also special to me because it was the first one to air after starting my partnership with UPN and even got exclusive pictures including that of guest star Lucy Lawless who was great in crushing sheriff Lamb.

Veronica and Duncan

And here was the big shocker for me this season, when Veronica ended up going next door to show us she was in cahoots with Duncan the whole time. Take that Logan fans.

Bye Duncan

And here we have the last shot of Duncan, at least on American soil. Cue up It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.

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