Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One Angry Veronica Redux

Sorry for taking a while to update as it's been a long week and hopefully everyone will checking out the Scooter Television Award for Best Episode Donut Run tonight at an early 8:00 start time. As for last week, here are some thoughts after a second look, even though One Angry Veronica was more of a stand alone episode with no Beaver and it also spent time going back to the season one episode.

Thumper and Veronica

I was a little disappointed with this scene as I remember this was the first time remembering Thumper and I was hoping for a little forshadowing in this scene.


This picture was significant because it was the last time we saw Meg alive. Cue up It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.

Is that Keith?

I swear that is Keith far right in the left picture. Click it to take a closer look.

Shirtless Lamb

And for all the ladies out there, shirtless Lamb. Hopefully next season they give us what all the guys want to see, a pillow fight between Ronnie and Angie Dahl with Dick as the referee. The would rule.

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S. What all the guys want said...

That pillow fight really is what all the guys want! Please, make it happen!