Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Mother, the Fiend Redux

Evil Beaver and Mac

Evil Beaver made his return last night setting up the phoenix Land Trust which could possibly be very important to season three depending on what is in Not-Kendall's briefcase. Also here was the start of the Evil Beaver/Mac courtship.

A Buffy reunion

But the best part of this episode was when Road Hard met Put Away Wet. Sadly they never got in the same frame at the same time.

Lianne's suspention letter

Here's a better look at Lianne's suspended letter.

Principal Clemmons

It's really hard to believe that Vice Principal Clemmons didn't know what would be the outcome when he sentenced Veronica to detention and Van having this already made almost confirms it.

Librarian Veronica

Last week I mention my disturbing attraction to Bad Veronica but Librarian Veronica might be right up there too in the uber-hot category.

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