Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Quick and the Wed Redux

Beaver and Kendall

Evil Beaver actually made an appearance and this conversation should have raised some eyebrows in the elevator. But of course during the first run I guess I was too busy laughing at the "Thinking makes my breasts shrink." Watch those wandering eyes Evil Beaver. But afterwards I still don't understand why Beaver didn't want the Kane house.

Duncan's shower

I was surpised when this episode aired and people didn't realize she was doing in Duncan's shower or thought she was planting something. It was always obvious to me that she was getting some DNA for Aaron.

Vinnie Van Lowe

And for my money, whenever Vinnie Van Lowe shows up you know you are going to be in for some good laughs. Sadly Ronnie didn't take him up on his dollar draft night offer.

Hannah and Logan

One thing I notice for the first time while rewatching this episode was the lighting in this scene with Logan in the dark and Hannah covered in light. I'm sure there were a lot more scenes like this that I missed, but it's another reason why Veronica mars is a step above it competitors.


But it's nice to see Jane get her own episode. Add her to the already long list of Pirates that shows up at Hearst.

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